Let's be real; when it comes to fashion, only a few things are more satisfying than how beautiful your nails are. The role of dip powder in producing flawless and beautiful nails cannot be overemphasized. There was a time when acrylic and polish nail extensions were the real deal; however, due to the effect dip powder gives your nails, it deserves all the attention it's getting now. If you are used to skimming through Tiktok, Instagram and any other platform that appreciates pictures, you are likely to have stumbled on nails adorned with dip powder. What then makes dip powder so special? What makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to make an impression or statement through their nails?



What is dip powder?

Dip powder is a blend of both acrylic and polish gel nail extensions. Dip powders are odor free and are fast to apply. Dip powders combine the flexibility of gel nails and acrylic nails' durability to give the perfect shape and effect to your nails. 

Furthermore, Dip powder can be used on natural nails and fixed nails, making it ideal in different conditions and flexible to use. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-lasting effect on your nails and wants to create the perfect aesthetic value for it, dip powder for nails is the way to go.

Here are some of its benefits which has not only endeared the product to the hearts of its users but also made it trendy:


1. Dip powders are more durable:

    Dip powder nails last for a long time. When it is done by a professional, it can stay for as long as a month. When you do it yourself, you can expect your manicure to last for about 2 weeks. 



2. It is effortless to do at home 

 Dip powder nails can easily be done at home. .There are complete at-home gel nail kits that   can be used. If you can paint your nails with   polish at home, you can dip powder your nails at home. 

3. No need for curing with UV lights.

   Once you're done with your dip powder nails with a topcoat layer, you do not have to cure them with UVlights. And as such you're not concerned with the potential hard associated with the use of UV lights


4.Dip powders have various colour choices

    As dip powder nails increase in popularity, companies have made available a wide range of colour choices. At dip nail, dip powder is available in over 400 colours. As such, you won't have trouble picking the colour of your choice.

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