Nail Design Trends You Need for Your 2021 Beauty Style



The Best Trends for Dip Powder Nails This Year

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your nails, and with new dip powders available to the public, doing DIY nail designs is easier than ever before. Get ready to feel inspired by these trendy and stunning designs that surprise every time.


1. Stellar Monochromatic Designs 

Inspired by the stylish Billie Eilish at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, this nail design makes a statement. Go one step further by glamming it up with rhinestones that make the design pop. Oh, and the longer, the better. And while the coffin shape is always a winner, you can embrace some fierce Kylie Jenner energy if you sharpen them into points. But be careful—you might stab someone (or yourself) by accident!



2. Faux Pastel Tips 

To pull off this look, you’ll need a neutral or nude base dip powder, plus a few pastel colors that pop. This nail design works with any shape, but we recommend a coffin shape with faux points for a look that absolutely slays. YouTube beauty guru, NikkieTutorials pulled off the look with a round design that also looks stunning!





3. Glitter and Glam!  

Nothing says fabulous more than glitter. Instead of using a dip powder base with a glitter coat on top, go for an all in one glitter dip powder. Stunning sparkles will light up your world—no matter what color you choose. From nude to black and back again, everything looks better with glitter.






4.Subtle Luxury 

Nails that pop always impress, but the low-key designs are getting the attention they deserve this year! Use small accents to wow the crowd, like gold leaf and pearls over gentle ombres.